Fernando De Gouveia

Recording life as it happens.

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Photography was actually a happy mistake. My girlfriend asked me to take a few photos for her college project, and since I had my aunt's DSLR, I said yes. We bought props, found a location, and tried several different outfits. We turned out with photos she was happy to use—and her enthusiasm encouraged me to continue taking photographs. Fast forward four years and I’m now creating visual media content for brands in and out of the Milwaukee area.
I've been using the Light L16 for about a month and I can tell you it is almost everything I need in a camera. The camera's portability really compliments my shooting style since I’m always on the go. I want to shoot anywhere and everywhere and I believe the L16 enables me to do so.
Using the L16 is not exactly like using other cameras. There’s a learning curve. Once you get used to the minor differences, you’ll be able to take quality images anywhere you go. I see the L16 as a bold leap towards the future—current technologies complimenting and enhancing a typical photography camera.

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