Some notes on the Encyclopaedia

The Encyclopedia is populated by the Photographers that feature on Aviation Dimension as well as by Admin Members. Anyone can become a contributor by:

  • Creating your own Photographer Page and showing the world your artistry
  • Joining the family as a User and offering suggestions and updates o the Encyclopedia's content

How are the photos used?

  • Photos contained in the Encyclopaedia are used only for the Encyclopedia and for promotional or web work related to the Aviation Dimension Media and Marketing: Photos are never sold nor traded by AvDim and they remain the sole property of the photographer both as property or as commercial entity
  • AvDim also does not supply the media with photos, media members who wish to use any photo, image, art work can do so through contacting the photographer directly

How is the Encyclopaedia indexed?

The Encyclopaedia offers a family tree of all aircraft from the first division e.g. Civilian / Military Aircraft, down to the actual aircraft by name e.g. Cessna 172 Skyhawk. For search purposes you can:

  • Simply search if you know the aircraft name e.g. for Cessna 172 Skyhawk: The exact name will yield the aircraft while, simply Cessna will yield all Cessna models listed under Cessna.

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