Want to be an Aviation Photographer on AvDim?

Aviation Dimension offers you the following:

  1. A FREE platform to share your work or hobby worldwide;
  2. A platform which does not judge your images - you choose what you upload and people either like your work or not;
  3. A chance to create a page with your contacts for all to see so that you can promote your work or hobby;
  4. A chance to sell your work online without any commissions being taken - it is your work, they are your customers;
  5. A chance to add your own sponsors or own advertisers in order to be able to fund your work or hobby.

What does AvDim ask in return from you?

  1. Your conduct must be professional at all times - AvDim must be suitable for everyone;
  2. Your images which are chosen and are carried over to the AvDim Encyclopedia.

What is paid for?

  1. If you add sponsors and advertisers to advertise their businesses, there will be a small charge to allow the additional advertising onsite. This amount allows you to sell your advertising at your chosen rates and to benefit from your efforts.

What will AvDim neither do nor support?

  1. No content, whether written, in image or any other format will ever be allowed which supports or depicts in any way: anything which is detrimental to children, is unsuitable for family viewing, is harmful to anyone or infringes on the rights of any human being;
  2. AvDim unfortunately also does not support images which include any activity related to hunting, pornography, politics or any criminal activity or activities deemed to challenge the moral standing of its members.

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