Welcome to Aviation Dimension

AvDim is the first true on-line aviation image gallery which belongs to you both: the photographer and the enthusiast. AvDim will not decide whether your image is good enough or not. The viewers will decide. Viewers will decide by either following your work or not.

I started AvDim in early 2002 with the idea of supporting military and civilian aviation photographers as well as every type of aviation enthusiast. This gave access for the public to some of the world’s best air to air images as well as a place where photographers and enthusiasts could promote themselves and share their awesome work with all, world-wide.

Over the years, AvDim has written, produced and supplied media to internationally acclaimed publications such as Airliners Magazine and Air International. It is now time for AvDim to become the chosen resource of photographers and aviation art media producers. What kind of resource? A home. Their home but not only their home, also the home of enthusiasts who wish to immerse themselves into the world of aviation images, videos and art-work.

This is your site. It is where you show off your love for things that fly or at times, try to fly. It is where you come to express your love for aviation.

Bacl when AvDim started, it was stated that the resource would always be free and so it will remain. It is about sharing!

Are you a Photographer, Aviation Media producer?

Then, why not start your own site on Aviation Dimension? Your mini-site will allow you to - 

  • Produce your own galleries and media;
  • Promote these at your leisure;
  • Interact with and promote yourself to the world wide public;
  • Carry your sponsors on your pages - add them, sponsor your labour of love;
  • Sell your media at your leisure;
  • Be seen by the world wide media and public!

Are you an Enthusiast? Do you just love things that fly?

There are two exciting parts of AvDim for you:

The Aviation Image Galleries

Browse avaition images to your leisure for free, 24/7. Browsing AvDim will allow you to - 

  • Find the images and other media that you love and just sit back and enjoy these;
  • Communicate with those who produce that media;
  • Purchase the images and media that you need to or want. Get it directly from the artist;
  • Comment, request and be part of the community;
  • Watch videos and more!

The Aviation Dimension Encyclopedia

A project in the making. The Encyclopedia is a collection of aircraft world-wide and images world-wide where you can -

  • See all images related to the type in question;
  • Read about the type's history;
  • Browse specifications and more!

Join our aviation loving family from all over the globe. It's free, it's about friendship, it's about sharing aviation world-wide. It's about you.

Aviation Dimension - the Re-launch 2022.

In honour and memory of Frans Dely, co-founder of Aviation Dimension in 2002.



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