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01                    When Dreams Began

Man has always looked to the sky with eyes burdened by ambitious dreams. The aspiration and love for flight, displayed to its extremes. Leonardo Da Vinci began to dream.

02                    Lighter than Air

Montgolfier and many soared into the sky having found a way to become lighter than air.  The doors to the secrets held by the Avians were being forced open.

03                    Leaps of Faith

Pioneers, led by Otto Lilienthal saw the eyes of men become the eyes of children sparkling in their innocence and wonder.  Man was about to fly.

04                    Heavier than Air

Two brothers. A Bicycle shop. Ambition, resilience and man’s indomitable spirit. A short flight would define the start of a new era as machine and man discovered the secret to challenging the skies.

05                    Future Masters of the Sky

The secrets unveiled by the Wright Brothers started yielding machines and pioneers who would soon become the future masters of the skies.  The true conventional aircraft was coming of age.

06                    Out of the Box

Breaking further bonds, evolution’s latest toy was applied in many different ways through innovative “Out of the Box Thinking.”  Fields, runways and more were superimposed on ships, replaced and redefined.

07                    Across an Ocean

The continents jeered and the ocean teased as man used ships to challenge the swells. But wings brought an end to that as man joined continents in fragile machines assisted by courage and will.

08                    Treacherous Skies

As quickly as man learnt to fly, man learnt to fight in the sky.  Like the birds man went from glider to predator and flight became a means and not an end.

09                    Fly to Survive            

Flight no longer just a pleasure, the race for more and more competitive and lethal machines was on to ensure survival which would re-write history and form the future world.

10                    Arsenal in the Sky

Super-fortresses and their likes would stamp the authority of man’s will to continue in his confused but intriguing existence as flying machines became deliverers of explosive might over long distances.

11                    Secrets of the Horizon Told

The Dakota and its likes moved man away from the horrors of war in the sky and stole the secrets held by distant horizons as man now braved the weather in search for traveling adventure.

12                    The Gas Turbine Age

Dark Mother of most inventions, War was to open the doors to the power of the Jet Age as war machines pioneered a new form of propulsion which would allow man to go faster and higher than ever before.

13                    Faster than Sound

Power, speed and agility, like a Saber through the air.  The Sound Barrier began to tremble in fear as man smashed its secrets.  First with a struggled effort but soon with ease and grace.

14                    East meets West

The race was on as East met West.  Power versus power and modern gladiators were soon to be created. Led by Mikoyan Gurevich the East joined the Jet Race and modern air combat was born.

15                    Four Engines for Long Haul

Traveling further and further, reliability and the need for safety became paramount as man started to see air travel as a replacement for conventional means.  The true airliner was born.

16                    One bold leap

Like a comet which comes once and leaves, the Comet spurred the race for the Commercial Jet Age.  Man moved from teasing the sky to using it as a tool for human travel evolution.

17                    B707, Stretching Reality

Revolutionary new concepts gave true existence to the modern era of the jet airliner. Intercontinental travel not only became a reality but shrunk the world and created friendships as far as the jet could reach.

18                    Redefining the Wing

No longer bound by mere physics, innovation and need saw the redefinition of the wing and the arrival of true vertical capability as helicopters were able to emulate the humming bird.

19                    Speed and Altitude

Sleeker and more powerful, metal birds were soon capable of reaching tremendous heights at blistering speeds. The Sound Barrier was no longer a mystery and an easily challenged curved ball of physics.

20                    Hard Rain

Powerful engines and large wings. Hard rain from the sky for the weak harnessed by the strong as aviation became an ever important role player in man’s obscure quest to challenge authority and define policies through muscle and fear.

21                    Narrowing the Oceans

Twice the speed of sound, less than half of the time, the oceans now appeared as mere ridiculed obstacles held in disregard by the Concorde as it sped across these previously vast expanses.

22                    Tonnage in the Sky

“Heavier than air” redefined as the massive Boeing 747 masterminded a generation of “Super Heavies”, which could launch an assault on distance and time allowing man to travel further than ever before.

23                    Brute and Angry Power

Ever more lethal the modern jet fighter turned wars into an affair of Air Supremacy.  Designed for freedom, to fly like a bird, the modern jet now asked not but demanded freedom from its enemies.

24                    Predators of the Sky

One led to another with a new generation and legacy of powerful, all-capable fighter jets designed and employed to rule the skies and protect from above.  The Eagle was now ready to prey.

25                    Hovering Gladiators

The evolution of the wing into the helicopter’s rotor, witnessed the birth of a new powerful warrior which would bring fear and solace to the modern soldier…depending which side he was on.

26                    Beyond the Sky

To the furthest frontiers, spurred by tremendous power and new knowledge, the stars can no longer hide as man creeps ever closer each day.  Flight redefined and dreams recreated.

27                    Unseen, Unheard but Felt

Technology found its way into the sky as the Dark Matriarch of all Invention sought stealthier and more powerful ways to achieve its means.  The F117 would recreate tactical thinking.

28                    Airborne Supremacy

Composites, new materials, artificial intelligence, feats of engineering creating supreme gladiators of the skies. Powerful machines were born, hunters, capable of dominating their domains like never before.

29                    The Mammoths

Now many times heavier than air, man’s dreams had come of age. Man had learnt to defy gravity allowing for giants of the sky like never before.  Hundreds could now be hurled at distances unheard of before in luxury and comfort.

30                    The Future

Aviation Dimension like the F22 “Ruler of the Modern Skies, Aviation Dimension is defining the future of “Sharing Aviation Worldwide”.  Welcome to AvDim our resource to share with you.


aviation dimension online gallery and online aviation resources aviation dimension online gallery and online aviation resources
aviation dimension online gallery and online aviation resources