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aviation directory Welcome to Aviation Dimension. www.aviationdimension or AvDim, began as South African Aviation's first true on-line magazine, news and gallery resource. Today it is an international resource. The site is also known as www.avdim.com, www.avdim.co.za, www.aviation-dimension.com you choose. AvDim through Andrea Serra and Frans Dely, provides the public with a free aviation publication and image gallery handling both military and civilian aviation matters. The publication does not only handle a full magazine but also caters for news snippets, general articles and regular columns together with services such as aviation classifieds, classified submissions, forums, a pilot shop and general aviation shop, calendars, posters, museum updates and reviews, join the air force information, general recruitment, specific and general aviation links, a full aviation guide, services directory or for that matter an information directory which is a "yellow pages" of aviation type of production, web design services, web redesign services, advertising and advert creation, graphic services, digital video productions, curriculum vitae posting and evaluation, test flight analysis of general aircraft, flight training, school coverage, a what's new section, a general newsletter section, an aviation business letter section, statistics of web media, marketing of aviation products, presentations, promotions, air show coverage and attendance by marketing teams, a general aviation links section, link submission, link exchange, commercial and company links, resource links, airline representations. With this and so much in our future plans you will have the aviation world and industry at your finger tips. The galleries spearheaded by Frans Dely, known to some as Snapperjack and to others as Dely, include the likes of Gripen International, SAAB (with special coverage of the Gripen and Hawk weapons platforms), Eurofighter, Boeing, McDonnel Douglas, Fairchild, Dassault, Airbus, Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft, Lockheed, Tupolev, Mikoyan-Gurevich, NASA, Sukhoi, British Aerospace or BAe, various airlines such as South African Airways, 1time, British Airways, Lufthansa, United and so much more. Some military aircraft types currently covered either in air forces from all over or at military airshows include: fighters, air superiority fighters, bombers, fighter bombers, tactical strike, stealth, reconnaissance, low level interdiction, spy planes, ground strike, trainers, transport, remotely piloted vehicles, land and ship borne aircraft, carrier aircraft, electronic warfare aircraft, tactical lift, experimental and project platforms, space research vehicles, short take-off and vertical landing, vertical take-off and landing, Hind and Rooivalk gunships, Apache, Cobra, single-engine, multi-engine from propellers or turboprops to turbojets and turbofan equipped aircraft, subsonic to supersonic not to forget transonic either afterburner equipped or not, armed aircraft, armored aircraft, SST or rather Supersonic Transport Aircraft, the joint strike fighter and more. These galleries are shot with various equipment including Kodak, Nikon and other well known Digital photographic names. www.faa.gov/index.cfmMilitary helicopters include: armed and unarmed types, single-engine and multi engine, piston or turbine, battlefield support, naval support, casevac specialized, ambulance types, trooping specific, anti-tank and anti-armour or for that mater anti-personnel, search and rescue types as well as airborne jammers or signal intelligence orientated, hoisting, survival support, encompassing all types from the mighty Chinook to the Kamov models, the Mi-24 Hind and Eurocopter Tiger not to mention other United States Air Force models such as the Huey, Cobra and more. AvDim's civilian galleries will baffle you with our own photography of rare aircraft such as Harvard, Spitfire, Sea Fury, Bell helicopters, Robinson R22 or R44, Aerospatiale, Mil, Yakovlev, Antonov, various wallpapers, Agusta, Mooney, Aero-Vodochody L39 and L29 jets, the SASOL Flying Tigers, the Shurlok Team under Scully Levin's leadership, Glen Dell and his Slick 360, the new Ravin 500, Pierre Gouws in the AvDim L39 jet display, the Wesbank team under Dennis Spence, various schools such as Blue Chip, PFS, Central Flying Academy, Progress Academy and so much more! Ballooning and micro light aviation also receive our attention with coverage of experimental and homebuilt aviation. We often attend Oshkosh EAA or Airventure where we bring you experimental projects such as the Lancair, Rand Robinson, Bush Baby, ultra-lights, sailplanes, parachuting, gyrocopters, seaplanes, space ship one, airport information, aerospace developments, air traffic control matters, weather matters and the list continues. Articles and images also handle matters such as air to air and air to ground weapons, laser guided bombs, survival aids and matters which relate to cabin attendants, pilots, navigators, flight engineers while also looking into missiles and their capabilities related to aero planes or for some aircraft. As long as it is flying, sailing in the sky or ballooning we do our best to cover it. Furthermore, Aviation Dimension tries to promote South African Aviation by working together with the likes of African Pilot Magazine (serious about flying), SA Flyer Magazine, World Airnews and at the same time we are approaching the likes of Air Forces Monthly, Air International, Flight International, Flying, Aviation Weekly, Professional Pilot, Sport Pilot and other mags in order to improve aviation awareness world-wide. Our working together with Siyandiza and Vulindlela as well as the Royal Air Cadet Organization ensures that we remain in a position to ensure that aviation development and growth receives the fullest attention offering air forces such as the South African Air Force and hopefully in the future the likes of the US Air Force, the Russian Air Force, the Royal Air Force and other world Air Forces the opportunity to contact potential candidates through offering recruitment information. Future plans include our hoping to cover matters from elite sites such as NASA, the ESA (European Space Agency), Zukhovsky Test Centre, Star City (Russian Space Agency), Empire Test School and others such as the US Air Force Test Pilot School at Edwards AFB and the Navy School at Patuxent River, Epner, Denel, Armscor and more. The shop section now also sports a wide variety of ASA and many other aviation products. Garmin, Telex, David Clark, Softcom, Avcomm are just some of the names of the carried products. Aviation Shops and Pilot Shops are also offered for hosting to companies wanting to sell their goods on the web. The e-commerce section through Iveri is a secure connection which allows you to use your credit card and mail order capabilities safely and discreetly. Classifieds allow for submission, removal and browsing of any products offered for sale and are free to view. Soaring with Eagles has now established itself as a leading book and is available in the shop. You will also find the Capital Sounds page sporting Brian Emmenis and his Team, the voice of Airshows who as attended shows such as Farnborough, RIAT, AAD (Africa Defense and Aerospace), Oshkosh and many more. AvDim is your resource, we pledge for it to remain free and only require an admin registration. Please contact Andrea Serra on any of the available numbers on site for any enquiries.
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South Africa's only true on-line image, aviation photography gallery, magazine, news and aviation resource site. Share you aviation photos
South Africa's only true on-line image, aviation photography gallery, magazine, news and aviation resource site. Share you aviation photos
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South Africa's only true on-line image, aviation photography gallery, magazine, news and aviation resource site. Share you aviation photos
South Africa's only true on-line image, aviation photography gallery, magazine, news and aviation resource site. Share you aviation photos

aviation dimension
aviation dimension online gallery and online aviation resources ABOUT US
South Africa's only true on-line image, aviation photography gallery, magazine, news and aviation resource site. Share you aviation photos

Welcome to Aviation Dimension, one of the first true on-line aviation magazines, aviation portal and aviation image gallery. I started AvDim with the idea of supporting military and civilian aviation enthusiasts with access to some of the world’s best air to air images and thus was founded on the artwork of many talented photographers. These aviation images and prints, together with accompanying articles have created what today is a well known free aviation resource for enthusiasts world-wide. AvDim has written, produced and supplied media to internationally acclaimed publications in the league of Airliners Magazine and Air International.  The photographic talents of Gerard Griessel as the primary Aviation Dimension photographer, allows us to bring you a pictorial view and a celebration of aviation like no magazine has ever done before.

Some time ago, the idea flourished inside one highly confused but creative head and slowly but surely started gaining momentum and shape. The concept was to share our enthusiasm, to share aviation world-wide, yet at the same time be able to offer a continuously developing and dynamic source of media to the aviation community. There is a lack of international media availability in many developing countries and AvDim is set to breach the gap.

 Apart from entertainment, Aviation Dimension (AvDim) also known on the web as www.aviationdimension.com or www.aviationdimension.co.za does not only offer the magazine (site) with its images and article functions to the public and commercial sectors but also offers many corporate, personal and commercial services to existing and prospective clients.

At Aviation Dimension we have always harbored a love for military aviation, especially in the fighter aircraft world. With direct ties to the South African Air Force and agreements with other air forces, we are able to bring you the world of military aviation with imagery unrivalled except by a precious few and it is with pride that these images are shown. Our library is however growing every day and now contains many international images as well as seeing AvDim increasing its authority as a mouth piece for large air pageants and other events.

The photography, which includes SAAF types and other types from all over the world, is unique and possibly the biggest air to air gallery in many respects and we hope that we are giving the viewer and memento seeker the opportunity to add good quality memories to their collections. We also wanted to supply the aviation world with functions, which offered an electronic connection to various links/ organizations/ suppliers as well as an electronic “phonebook” and contact details collection.

The AvDim Site pledges to remain free for all and offers:

  • Aviation Galleries
  • News and Articles
  • Forums
  • Wallpapers
  • Web Links
  • Videos
  • Game
  • Classifieds and much more!

To the industry we offer:

  • Advertising Services
  • Graphic Design Services
  • Web Design and Hosting
  • Web Development
  • Online Shops
  • Airborne Photography
  • General Photography and much more!

Join our aviation loving family from all over the globe. It's free, it's about friendship, it's about sharing aviation world-wide. It's about you.

Andrea Serra

A little history and personal profile...

Message from Andrea Serra, The Founder

I wanted to create a resource, which would allow me to share the beauty of military aviation with the viewer as well as do justice to a great institution “The South African Air Force”. My contribution does not reflect individuals but rather the system. That source has grown into a very authoritative mouth piece of both civilian and military aviation covering many facets of the industry.

The world of military aviation holds many wonderful adventures for those who venture into it. It is often difficult to get hold of accurate and trusted aviation media which is unbiased and accurate let alone handling SAAF types in action. Quite often one is not able to source reliable aviation information easily and it was my intention to allow Aviation Dimension to grow into one of the first true free on-line magazines other than just a news site. During my time as a military pilot I have had the privilege of being part of many of these adventures.

I have had the privilege of flying some truly awesome machines from venerable World War Two era trainers to the most modern fighters and historic beasts such as the Boeing 707. Being part of the military and commercial world has allowed me to meet a multitude of interesting people. One of my pet loves lies with fighter aircraft and this on-line magazine will no doubt always carry much information in this regard. I hope that you will visit us regularly as well as offer input to help us give you what you want most.

To all of you out there, my friends in the USAF, fellow fighter pilots and people such as a person that I respect very much, “Tyrant”, I hope that you truly enjoy this site. Check 6!

Andrea Serra (Founder)

Message from Gerard Griessel, Webmaster and Chief Photographer

Coming from a very simple background, I have been involved in Aviation Photography since a very early age, which came part of a general love and passion for aviation, and my interest in the field was nursed by the best father in the world, as well as other people such as Frank Du Plessis, who's general guidance ensured that I inevitably became part of the industry.

I was privileged enough to become part of Aviation Dimension early in 2005, when founder, Andrea Serra invited me to join the ranks of the many talented photographers that have published their work on the web site. I have since then visited many air shows representing Aviation Dimension, which has taken me to every corner of the country.

When a change in structure took place in late 2006, I was offered the position of content manager of Aviation Dimension, and later the My Dimension Media group, an opportunity which no self-respecting aviation enthusiast could turn down.

Since then, we have watched Aviation Dimension grow into the Southern Hemisphere's most popular online aviation image gallery and magazine, and I feel very proud to be part of such an amazing endeavor.

Gerard Griessel, (Webmaster)


aviation dimension online gallery and online aviation resources aviation dimension online gallery and online aviation resources
aviation dimension online gallery and online aviation resources
aviation dimension

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